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Fiji has extensive resources in renewable energy, and a history of actions and investments involving wind, hydro, and solar power generation, biofuels, and energy efficiency. Outside of the specific renewable energy and energy efficiency information provided in this Renewable Energy Central Information Forum, perspective companies and organisations looking to invest in any part of the renewable energy or energy efficiency value chain in Fiji will find several practical and fiscal incentives in Fiji to encourage their investment.

For further information on investing in the renewable energy value chain in Fiji please refer to the following Statutory Organization in Fiji which are linked to such investments and company operations.


Investment Fiji

The Government organization for the promotion, stimulation and facilitation of economic development in Fiji.


Fiji Revenue and Customs Service

The Government organization addressing taxation and customs in Fiji, including fiscal incentives for renewable energy, energy efficiency, and forgien investment in Fiji.


Fiji Competition & Consumer Commission

The Government organization responsible for the regulation of several areas of the renewable energy value chain.

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